Our Targets

We have set ourselves 5 targets that we would like to achieve as a club for the coming 2013-14 Rotaract year.

Click on each of our targets below to find out more about our plans:

We will be fundraising throughout the year and hope to be able to make a big donation to our nominated Charity of the Year Family Friends next summer.

To raise money we will be running games and stalls at various fairs and events, we will be taking part in sponsored sporting fun-runs and swimarathons and we will also be hosting our very own Cheese and Wine Quiz Night next Spring.

We will be volunteering our time for local good causes at loads of different events over the course of the year.

From hands on conservation work to helping to feed the homeless, from marshalling fun-runs to organising our own OAP Christmas Party, we are always happy to donate our time to those who need it.

We will be keeping track of the hours that we have donated here.

This year we are also going to be taking on a focused community project to support local charity Braywick Heath Nurseries.

We will be volunteering one Saturday morning each month to help to tidy up and maintain a plot of land that Braywick own but do not have the resources to maintain.

We will be documenting our project on a blog here.

We have a great group of young people in our club but new members are the lifeblood of any organisation as they bring with them fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

We are therefore hoping to continue to attract new members and to push on to the 40 member mark by the end of next year.

Rotaract is an international organisation with more than 9,000 clubs over the world and we are twinned with the Rotaract Club of Tivoli and, as of May 2013, with the Rotaract Club of Saint Cloud.

We are aiming to continue to develop ties with our friends in Italy and France and hope to be able to get involved with a collaborative international fundraising project between our clubs.

We will also be hosting a visit to Maidenhead by both clubs next Spring.