Glimmer of Brilliance

Welcome to our G.O.B. Wall!

This little corner of our site is where we give a small shout out to those who deserve one.

Anyone or anything involved with our club who has done something noteworthy, interesting or even particularly silly in the last few weeks will get a mention here:

December 2013

Santa Claus and His Elves

Helping to make this year's OAP Christmas Party a huge success

Our club has been organising a Christmas Party for elderly people for more than 30 years now but somehow it keeps getting bigger and better every year!

We hosted 50 elderly residents of our town this year and treated them to a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon of bingo, carols and a raffle all whilst plying them with as many biscuits and cups of tea as they could handle!

All of our guests had a fantastic time which was only made possible thanks to:

  • The superb organisational work of our Community Officer, Jenni,
  • The 14 other club members who happily volunteered their time to help out on the day,
  • And of course Father Christmas himself who took time out of his busy schedule to pay us a visit!

So well done and thank you to "the best Santa ever", and to all of his elves who helped make the event happen.

The Christmas spirit is definitely alive and well in Maidenhead!

November 2013

Rob Ogilvie

Organising Balloons in a Limo Land Rover

On Saturday 23rd November, our club spent the day in Windsor, helping at a fundraising event organised by our President, Rob.

The first hour was spent blowing up 284 balloons and filling the Land Rover Freelander that we had been lent by Guy Salmon. Rob was there from start to finish, making sure everything ran smoothly and selling as many guesses as possible to the public.

It was a challenging but successful day and we raised £285 for the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service.

Thank you to Rob for all of your hard work!

October 2013

Rotaract Club of Maidenhead

Volunteer Team of the Year 2013

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead held their Volunteer of the Year Awards earlier this month at Eton College Rowing Centre, Dorney.

We were invited along and were absolutely delighted to receive the Volunteer Team of the Year Award for 2013 in recognition of our community efforts!

The nomination recognised our efforts to try and volunteer 1,000 hours of service as a club and that we had helped out 15 different charities over the course of the year.

Well done to everyone who contributed to our clubs efforts and let's keep it up this year!

October 2013

Jenni Howells

Volunteering Efforts

A few posts ago we asked if anyone was going to be able to catch Sophie in the volunteering hours stakes... well, Jenni has!

Jenni volunteered a whopping 17.5 hours during September, including stepping up to cover four events in one weekend at a time when a number of other senior club members were away.

Jenni's efforts really epitomise the huge impact a few hours of our time can have on local good causes. Open Kitchen for example were able to raise around £5,000 worth of food from the weekend session in Waitrose that we helped with last month. This food will go directly towards supporting people who cannot afford to feed themselves or their families in Maidenhead.

As well as pitching up to the events themselves, Jenni is also our Community Officer and so works behind the scenes to organise our volunteering events and make sure our club continues to help out as many people as we can.

So thank you very much Jenni and if we do manage to get to our 1,000 hours target this year, a big chunk of the credit will have to go to you!

August 2013

Helen Sexton, Julia Hill and Sophie Condie

Petanque Challenge Champions

Two years ago we managed to win the inaugural Petanque Challenge, organised by the Rotary Club of Bourne End and Cookham, but we put this down to fluke and didn't expect to do very well this year.

So we thought we would send a girls and a boys team along instead to compete against each other and see if the girls could give the boys a run for their money.

Despite having played the game for the first and only time at this event last year, our girls won all three of their games and secured a +21 points difference.

Their score not only soundly beat the boys, they also beat everyone else, including a number of club teams, and were duly crowned Petanque Challenge Champions!

Massive well done girls, you have done us proud!

August 2013

Sophie Condie

Volunteering Efforts

Having clocked just shy of 90 hours last year, Sophie has made another storming start to this year's volunteering and is up to 15.5 hours already.

In addition to volunteering the most hours out of everybody in the club for July, Sophie also co-organised The Big Sleep Out at Maidenhead Festival, an event which raised more than £700 for charity.

So well done Sophie, and can anyone catch her this year?!

July 2013

Matt Sharpe

Rewriting our website

Our previous website was designed more than 10 years ago and although the content was kept up to date, the appearance of the site was really beginning to show its age.

Orange on blue, really?

It was time for a serious overhaul and we got one thanks to Matt who is responsible for the nice shiny new site you are looking at now.

Those who have designed a website will know that this is no small undertaking and whilst Matt had a bit of help with some of the text, the wizardry behind the scenes is all his.

Check out our Upcoming Events page and you will see details of our events for the next week from Meetup magically displayed in nice boxes, resize your browser window and you will see the content neatly resizing to fill the available space, take a look to the right and you will see out latest tweets automatically appearing...

Matt has put together all of this in his free time so, we will forgive him having a pointless "e" on the end of his name for the time being and say great work on the site and thanks!

June 2013

Becky Marchant

Suggesting a G.O.B. Wall

The very first mention on our new wall is going to go to the person who suggested creating one in the first place!

We had been looking for ideas on how to get existing members to interact with our website more and how to provide recognition to people who had done something special.

Thanks to Becky's idea, which we have shamelessly stolen from her workplace, we now have this cool new page where we can post details about anything that comes to mind.

So thank you Tiger, well done for being our inaugural G.O.B and please don't eat us!